Sage - 2 Year old Percheron filly that I started in both team & single driving.
Sage being ground driven.
Sage & Brutus driving a Pioneer forecart for 1st time.
Sage driving a Meadowbrook style cart for 1st time.
Luke - An approximately 2 year old Belgian gelding that I rescued as a yearling.
Luke & Abel - Driving a forecart while pulling a harrow.
Luke & Abel
Halley - 2 year old Belgian filly shown here in her first time in harness.
Halley - Learning to stand quietly, pick up her feet and have them cleaned.
Hannah - 2 year old Belgian filly learning how to walk next to her teammate Brutus in harness.
Hannah & Brutus
Sitting on Hannah as she rests in a pen with two other 2 year olds.
Cathie Matzinger driving her horse Shrek with my horse Abel (blue roan).
Shrek (Clyde/Shire cross) and Vin (Belgian)
Cathie driving Vin & Shrek for first time together.
Me riding Vin and Cathie with Shrek on our way out for a "walk".
Moose & Abel - Moose as a yearling  learning to walk with next to a horse while being driven.
Millie - 3 month old filly that I started preparing early.  Getting used to harness and everything about driving at a very young age makes the whole process easier.
Brutus & Sugar - 5 year old Brabant mare in the early stages of learning to drive.
Ernie & PaytonE - 3 year old Percheron geldings.
Ernie & Payton being ground driven around the farm.
Ernie & Payton
Ernie & Payton
Brutus - The greatest horse EVER helping me give a harnessing demonstration.
Chance & Brutus pulling a binder at the Patrick Ranch Threshing Bee.
Chance & Brutus plowing at the Patrick Ranch Annual Threshing Bee.
Moose & Abel - Pulling a wagon on an overnight trip into the foothills of Paskenta.
Moose & Brutus - Moose's 1st experience on a mower at 3 years old.
Moose & Abel pulling our wagon on a wagon train from California to Idaho in 2010.
Moose & Abel starting a downhill on the wagon train.