Driving Lessons*

I offer horse driving lessons for those who are interested in learning to drive either a single horse or a team of horses.  I work with people who have had no driving experience before or those who have done driving in the past, but are interested in becoming safer and/or a more qualified driver.  My specialty is working with draft horses, but driving is driving and I'm happy to work with horses of all shapes and sizes.  Lessons vary for each individual depending on time, location and the horse.  In general, the lessons last between 1.5 and 2 hours each and are on a one on one basis.

Basic pricing:
  • $40 per hour
  • $100 for a horse evaluation (testing of a new or prospective horses driving level)
  • $75 for harness fittings and/or measurements

Pricing for additional services available upon request.
Prices reflect services at my facility.
Travel charges = $1/mile (no horses) + $1.50/hr (with horses)
Training a Horse to Drive

Starting a horse on their driving journey is the reason why I've started this business.  I have a true love for watching a horse learn and grow into themselves.  It is amazing to watch the transformation and the satisfaction I get seeing a horse grow into themselves warms me to the core.

Each horse is different and the amount of time it takes to train a horse to drive varies from horse to horse.  It depends on a variety of factors including their age, ground manners, exposure and experiences in the world around them; in addition to any other training they may have completed.  Pricing and details on what I can offer you and your horse are available upon request.  Please call or email me if interested.