The following items are for sale either from myself or others I know who have draft horses or equipment they are trying to sell.  If you have any questions or would like additonal pictures or details on any of the items listed below, please contact me directly and I will help in any way I can.

*SOLD* - 2 Wooden Surrey's
I have a student of mine who has two wooden surrey's made by the Gerald Company that she would like to sell.  One is of show quality, in beautiful condition with only minor touch up work needed and the other is a more functional surrey that was used for everyday activities.
Show Quality Surrey - $1,100
Everyday Surrey - $750
Together - $1,800
*SOLD* - Oliver 5th Wheel Chassis & 4 Ford Model A Spoke Truck Wheels - $600
I have a student of mine who has the above mentioned items that he would like to sell.  They have all been sand blasted & primed so they are ready to be sold.
*SOLD* - Hannah - 16 year old 50% Brabant/50% American Belgian mare
I have a 16 year old mare that I would like to sell as a brood mare.  She is registered with the Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America.  She has been breed at least 4 times that I know of and I've seen at least one of her offspring, however since this horse was given to me I don't have a lot of other information.  I was planning on breeding her but chose to sell my stud and find her a new home instead.
From what information I have she has no driving experience and was only used as a brood mare.  I have been very happy with how she handles and although she can be a little tough to catch out in my 100 acre pasture, she leads and ties well.  She has been out with all my other horses and done ok.  She's not the top of the leader board, but she's not the bottom either.  Very easy keeper.  I have not had her feet trimmed in the two years that I've had her and they still look pretty good.  Good solid feet.  Will be happy to have her feet done prior to sale if requested.
I'm looking to move her on to a new home and hope that someone will make better use of her than I.
She stands at 16 hands and weighs approximately 1,700+ lbs.  Was born on 4/30/1996.  Up to date on all her shots and wormer.
If interested, would like additional pictures or would like to make me a offer, please contact me & I'd be happy to help with any additional information and pictures I can.
*SOLD* - Mae - 2 Year Old Registered Strawberry Roan Brabant/Belgian Filly
I have a coming 2 year old filly for sale.  She is registered with the Belgian Association of America as a strawberry roan 50% Brabant/50% American Belgian.  She is a quiet, level headed filly that has been tied alongside either a team or single since she was 8 months old.  She's come along for the ride on a forecart, wagon, & disc.  She's been along for the ride while we traveled down the road with traffic, worked the field with a harrow & gone on trail drives.  She's been harnessed several times and has already started ground driving in the roundpen & pulling a tire. I bred & raised this filly in hopes she would match her full brother as my next team but neither her size, color or confirmation are a match.  This is going to be a very well built approximately 16'2 hand 2,000 mare.  I have a lot more information about this filly & am happy to send you pictures & video upon request.
Pictures: Both of these pictures were taken in February 2013 with no clean up out in the pasture.
I have a large number of antique horse-drawn implements that are now just "lawn ornaments" or "yard art".  If interested and would like to come check them out and see what I have available, please contact me.
*SOLD* - Meadowbrook Style Horse Size Cart - $950
I have a student of mine who has the above mentioned items that they would like to sell.  They purchased this cart in hopes to be able to use it with thier new Percheron gelding but soon discovered that it is built for a saddle horse, not a draft.  This has been fixed up and the wood has been completely sanded down and revarnished.  It is in great condition and ready for use right away.
If interested and would like further details, please email me and I'll forward on your message.
*SOLD* - Bess - 15 Year Old Registered Bay Roan 100% Brabant Mare
I have a registered bay roan 100% Brabant mare, mother to Mae, for sale.  I sold my stallion a couple years ago & am no longer in the breeding business so I would like to find Bess a home where she could be used.  She does not drive, but is an incredible brood mare.  The last 2 babies have been born 100% on her own & she is a great mother.  She has been an easy breeder as well as an easy keeper.  The only issue with this mare is that she does have the leg issue that most 100% Brabants have.  I keep it under control by shaving her legs a couple times a year & worming her on a regular basis.  It has worked well for me.  She stands at approximately 16'1 and weighs between 1,900 & 2,000 lbs.  She has huge bone & built like the old style belgian from head to toe.  I have a lot more information as well as pictures available upon request.
Pictures: The head shot was taken in April 2011.  The other two are 1 month after delivery in 2007.